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"Diva"     1963 Triumph Vitesse

Introduction / Overview:

Built from several cars, from 1984-1997, continually being improved and modified 1997-today.

It may never be finished.

Previously, I had a 1967 Triumph Herald Convertible, from 1981-1998, that too was highly modified and tuned. 



Triumph Straight Six In-Line 2 Litre, TR6 transmission with Rally Dolomite Sprint Close ratio gear-set and J-type Overdrive on top two gears, Rear Wheel Drive, Quaif LSD, and narrowed Sliding Spline Rear Drive-shafts. Lowered front springs and Koni Dampers all round. Polyurethane bushes all round. Fueling is by Triple Side-draft Weber 40DCOE Carburetors, Ignition is Mallory Dual Spark Distributor, with Pertronix Hall-Effect, Magnecor 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires, MSD Digital 6 CDI, and matched MSD HVC-II Coil, and NGK Iridium Spark Plugs.

Multiple other modifications.   

Many Cast Iron parts replaced with Aluminum Alloy parts to add lightness, and many steel parts replaced with stainless steel parts. 


Chassis: Original 1971 Triumph Vitesse Separate frame chassis.
Wheels and Tires: Alloy Minilite replicas by Aleycat 5½" x 13", Avon CR322 tyres in 175/70x13".
Body & Paint: All original factory steel, Paint by Glasurit, 2-pack Triumph Signal Red, painted in Mercedes Benz paint shop in the UK in September 1996, still winning trophies! 

Interior, trim is per original 1971 Triumph Vitesse Convertible, except for seats which are leather faced from a 1977 Jaguar XJ-6 series II Sedan.

Carpets from Newton Commercial in the UK.

Custom made green glass, also green laminated windshield with green top-tint.

Twin Truck Horns, also the brightest possible headlamps, H1 brights and H4 dips/brights, (Phillips and Osram Night-breakers, Tail/Brake-lamps are Luxeon 3 Watt LEDS, and indicator/hazard bulbs are Halogen.        

(It might be a small car at 5ft wide and 11ft 9"" long, but you sure as hell aren't gonna miss me)

I also carry a pair of Class 3 ANSI over-jackets under the seats and a Halotron Fire Extinguisher.  



Lifestyles: Restorer, Build-It, Drive-It, Classics, Show Cars, Euro, Tuner