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"1970 Opel GT"     1970 Opel GT

Introduction / Overview: Its a 1970 Opel GT with a few tweaks and more to come! currently off the road (again!) having some repairs and modifications added
Drivetrain: Original engine replaced with a 2.0i Opel Manta GTe CIH engine and 5-speed box from same car. Custom prop. Custom exhaust
Chassis: Standard suspension at the moment. Brakes are originals at rear but up front i now have Vented discs from an SRi Vauxhall Cavalier on custom hubs and calipers from an SRi Cavalier also running EBC Greenstuff pads
Wheels and Tires: 5 spoke Revolutions in 14", i'll get the specs later - they were on the car when i bought it. Tyres i cant remember off hand either but they were one of the first things i changed when i bought the car!!!
Body & Paint:

Opel Flame Red paint. Body is mainly stock except for the rear panel which has been molded to the body

Interioir: Interior is stock (returned original gauges). Stereo i've described in the engine section!
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