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"Bad Company"     1950 Willys Pickup

Introduction / Overview:

This model of truck has always been my favorite vehicle, saw it sitting out in a farmers field and 2 weeks later i had it on a trailer to my place. I've always been a huge fan of old hot rod trucks but have never seen a willys like this done. This is my first project with a vehicle so we will see what i can do. I've always been into painting and design have have a great plan drawn up for this. I have a neighbor who is a hot rod fanatic and is going to be a lot of help with this build. Ill be putting up pictures of the process, hope you enjoy! 


Came with a 1948 Ford Falhead V8 =) T90 Tranny, and Dana 18 TC, and stock axles.

The engine is in pretty rough shape, going to do what i can to get her going again and save it for another project. The plan for this one is a 4bt..if i can find one..or a 383, havent decided about the tranny and wether or not i will keep it 4wd. i just aquired a set of dana 44's as well.

Chassis: Still on its stock frame. Going to keep it that way just beef it up a bit.
Wheels and Tires:

Stock wheels, old mud tires.

Plan is to have skinnys in the front and wide larger in the rear.

Body & Paint: Came green and a little beat up. Going to keep the dents and paint it a mix of flat white, flat black, and some candy apple red, and maybe a little bit of rust.
Interioir: Will be black, white and red. Going for a more modern very clean interior.
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