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"70_Datsun_240Z_HLS30_00841"     1970 Datsun 240Z

Introduction / Overview: Now has a Bill Breedlove built 280ZX block, converted to use OEM mechanical fuel pump and fitted with stock heads and stock dual side draft Hitachi version SU carbs, mated to stock 4 speed manual tranny. 
Drivetrain: Slightly bored out 2.8 liter, single overhead cam inline 6, connected to the stock 4 speed manual transmission and conventional rear differential with IRS rear axle half shafts, using u-joints (which these cars eat up about every 30,000 miles). 
Chassis: Serial number HLS30-00841, so this was the 841st 240 Z off the assembly line, with a January 1970 build date. A few 1970 240z's were built in Nov & Dec of 1969, but I'm not sure how many. Less than 841, for sure!
Wheels and Tires: Upgraded, way back in 1986, to 15"x 6" Riken alloy wheels, now with Bridgestone 205-65-R15 Grid all season tires. Exactly the same outer diameter as the original rubber but a bit lower profile and a noticible bit wider. Very conservative by today's standards though.
Body & Paint: Original British Racing Green color, re-sprayed by myself in 1986 using Ditzler Deltron. paint job is very oxidized and tired and Deltron is a bitch to try to rub out or polish up once the initial, wet look, gloss is gone.
Interioir:  Interior is the original saddle beige color vinyl, whatever they called it back then, with a replacement black OEM dash and other black bits, just as close to as it originally came as I could reupholster it.
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