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"Project Bad willys"     1957 Willys Wagon

Introduction / Overview: Here is a project that I have ben working on with a friend. Hes the one bankrolling it and Im the one doing the work.
Drivetrain: 1987 Olds 307 V8 with 700r4 trans.
Chassis: 1986 Chevy S10 2 wd.
Wheels and Tires: Probably will be a set of oldschool mags.
Body & Paint: Body will be left stock but will recieve a fresh paint job. The paint will be hot rod flat black.
Interioir: Had to cut the rear section out to accomodate the S10 frame. I will use a full size truck bed to redo the floor. It wil be raised about 3 inches. The seats are out of a 1990 Chevy 454 SS truck mounted on custome brackets. Guages are Stewart Warner.
Lifestyles: Old-School