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"Clifford"     1978 Ford F250

Introduction / Overview: Nice Big and RED I have a 1978 F250 lifted, with a steel tilt hood. I love my TRUCK!!!
Drivetrain: It has a 1969 Lincoln 460, C6 tranny, np405. I might lift it even higher with custom leaf springs front and rear.

The body is lifted 3" and the suspension has a 4" lift. I might take the body lift off and put a 12" to 16" leaf spring lift on it. It already has a F350 dana 60 front axle with a Ford 10.25" rear axle with 4.10 gears. If I go bigger I'll have to change the gears, probably 5.13. It depends on how big the tires end up.

Wheels and Tires: Right now the truck is running on 39.5" x 18" Baja Claws. The rims are Weld Racing 16.5" x 12". If I go big with the lift I might be looking at 49" tires.
Body & Paint: The body is mostly stock except for the all steel tilt hood, which is why I bought the truck in the first place.
Interioir: The interior is pretty clean I'd like to replace the bench seat with something out of a newer Ford truck.
Lifestyles: Old-School, Build-It, Drive-It, Low Rider, Euro, Off-Road