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"Tikd Off"     1947 Ford Pickup

Introduction / Overview:

Little green Tiki truck sat as a cab in our garage for a few years before seriously starting to build. We found a truck bed, then got the frame done, and from there it was a 9 month build with many thanks to Wadson's Hot Rods for the great job and all the teaching.

She was originally going to be a lot rougher looking, more of a rat rod style, but as the build progressed we were starting to put a few shiny parts on her and the end result is a magical mix of something in between. Left her wrinkly, and a little rough and the interior is the same way.

The pipes are zoomies with motorcycle baffles in each one. She came together organically really. Every step of the way leading to the vision she is today. 

Drivetrain: 350 Chevy with a top end kit, transmission is T-350, with a ford 8" rear end. She really goes, likes to keep up with the "Big Dogs" on long runs, and being straight out of a '76 Monte Carlo her hwy gears give us great gas mileage. We made sure we put in a big enough gas tank to get us there, too.
Wheels and Tires:
Body & Paint:

She's chopped 4" and channelled 4" giving us a comfy fit inside the roomy cab. 

The paint looks like a primer but it's actually a paint and flat clear coat in one, giving her that suede look. We wanted some form of Olive Drab and went through many books of swatches to come to this one. 

Even the baffles in those pipes, you gotta hear her to believe her. After a little rough spot with some neighbours complaining about how loud she was, we demonstrated how loud she'd be if we did drive like hooligans. Been all good since then, but it was that experience that led to Dave Dunbar giving us the "TIK'D OFF" on the dash...and our amazing mocking tiki's on the doors.  


Not a load of bells and whistles here. Inside door panels are done with old signs, the seat is the third row out of a Dodge Caravan, with a custom seat cover made out of an army blanket. The guages give us a little bling, and the ammo boxes give us a place to put stuff.

The stick shift was the tallest one we could find, and once we found the Tiki to put on top, we realized it was too tall, so we had to shave a little off the bottom of the topper to get her to just make it under the roof mounted ammo box...that was supposed to house a stereo...we can only hear the stereo when the truck's turned off. 

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