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"Space Shuttle"     1985 Oldsmobile Calias

Introduction / Overview:

1985 Cutlass Calais 500... Indy Pace Car replica. A rare edition, I actually saw this very car as a 13 year-old, displayed at a local mall, and loved it. Years later, I bought it as a trade-in at the dealership I worked at, researched how rare they were, and promptly cut it up, as any punk would.

2.5-inch drop, custom exhaust, and a nice tune made it fun and reliable... a domestic "tuner" before "tuner" cars really existed in NY. 

Drivetrain: More super secret stuff.
Wheels and Tires:
Body & Paint:
Interioir: Silver and red leather helped the car garner the name "Space Shuttle". Bitchin'.
Lifestyles: Restorer, Hot Rodder, Build-It, Drive-It, Tuner