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"Six Gun Slinger"     1931 Ford Coupe

Introduction / Overview:

Matt Gaum, owner and operator of RoadSideWerx specializes in building custom cars.  The Six Gun Slinger is a custom built 1931 Ford Model A.  RoadSideWerx started this car from the bare minimum of the basic frame and body that was extracted from a site where the car was buried in the earth.   The muse for this car is based solely on passion and the era in which the car originated from.  Any true car enthusiast is familiar with the Salt Flats racing era of 1949-1955 and the impact that this had on automotive history.  RoadSideWerx hopes that upon experiencing The Six Gun Slinger one is reminded and inspired by these unforgettable years in racing.  



The drivetrain on the Six Gun Slinger is custom built and truly demonstrates the precision, skill, and power that RoadSideWerx is all about.  It features a 1952 Ford Flathead engine, which is a full race motor, equipped with authentic Offenhauser parts, in particular the heads and the 2 pot intake.  This motor also features a distributor that is rare and often hard to come by, the Joe Hunt Magneto.  Collaborating with Willie’s Race Cars, RoadSideWerx was able to custom make the headers of this car from the ground up, which are wrapped in graphite exhaust wrap.  The transmission is a 1938 – 1939 Ford top loader 3 speed.  The drivetrain also features dual Straomberg 97 carburetors. The rear axle of the Six Gun Slinger is a 1934 Ford banjo axle with 4:11 gears, and the front axle is an original 1931 Ford Model A axle.  All in all with no fancy words needed, the way Matt Gaum built this motor allows one to drive the hell out of this car and feel the raw power this of this 1931 Ford Model A.



The chassis on the Six Gun Slinger is an original Ford Model A 1931 frame that is fully boxed.   The car features a custom RoadSideWerx front cross member.    It also has a modified original center cross member with an original rear cross member.  The front brakes are Ford Bendex 1953-1956 truck brakes; installed in the rear are Ford 1939-1948 full size sedan brakes.  


Wheels and Tires:

For the wheels and tires on the Six Gun Slinger, Matt Gaum kept it straightforward keeping with the theme of the classic Ford Model A. 

The front tires are Firestone Nostalgia Ribbed tires, on the rear Matt put 6.50-16” Firestone Black Wall tires.  There are 1940 Ford 16” rims and 1946 Ford Car hubcaps with 16” ribbed beauty rings.  


Body & Paint:

The Six Gun Slinger’s body and paint are what make this car truly one of a kind and stand apart from the crowd.  It is an original Ford 1928 Model A Coupe body with the upper portion removed.  Keeping with the original paint styles of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s the body was painted in a Forrest Green with a flattener in the clear coat.  One of the most striking features in the paint job can be seen in the grill.  It is a 1932 Ford grill shell with custom airbrushed True Fire with a true clear coat.  The Six Gun Slinger is also featuring Ford 1938-1939 teardrop blue dot taillights.  The turn signals are full glass lenses with stainless steal frames and are produced by Riley Turn Signal Company out of Denver, Colorado.  Any true car enthusiast will take immediate notice of the headlights on the Six Gun Slinger.  They are original 1927 Edmond & Jones Corp type 20 Fog Lamps, also known as E&J’s.  They are fully polished, extremely rare, and are a hot commodity in the car restoration world. 

o     Note: True Fire airbrush work Completed by Mark Godard and Crew at Precision Autoworks



The interior of the Six Gun Slinger by RoadSideWerx is clearly custom outfitted to demonstrate the style and era of the mid-1900’s.  Throughout this period not only automobiles but also aircrafts played a large part in American history.  This is what drove Matt Gaum to create custom metal turned molded bomber style seats inspired by the vintage bomber aircrafts of the late 1940’s-1950’s.  The seats and interior metal work also showcase Matt Gaum’s and RoadSideWerx’s talent with metal fabrication and detailing.   There is an original 1950’s Aristocrat dash panel with Stuart Warner gauges, and an original 1943 Stuart Warner tack.  The dash rail displays the car’s name, “Six Gun Slinger”, with custom pin striping that is accentuated with gold leafing.  There is also a 15” – 4 spoke Bell steering wheel.  Complimenting the beautiful metal turning and gold leafing are the seats and front interior panels that consist of chocolate leather.  Capping the impeccable and one of a kind interior is a tan dry lakes style tonneau cover.  


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