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"1928 Ford "     1928 Ford Coupe

Introduction / Overview:
  • 1953 241 Dodge  Red Ram Hemi
  • Has hot heads front motor mount set up with Chevy water pump and a 318 harmonic balancer and hot heads lower pulleys and water pump pulley.
  • 1957 McCullah Supercharger with impeller upgrade to 6lb of boost
  • Super charger brackets all custom built at RoadSide Werx
  • Has original Offenhauser 3-deuce intake N.O.S.
  • 3x2 riser intake stack offenhauser topped with 3 Straumbeurg 97 carbs
  • Valve covers and oil pan chromed
  • Valley pan - Eelco aluminum
  • Has a Wilco trans adapter - aluminum - from the Dodge to a Chevy 350 turbo automatic.
  • 2300 Stall converter and shift kit
  • Gennie Shifter 23" length
  • Rear axle is a Ford 1942 truck open drive with juice Ford 1939-48
  • 4-link rear trailing arms
  • Front - 4 inch drop super bell drop axles
  • Ford Bendix 1953-56 truck brakes and hubs
  • Possie reverse spring
Wheels and Tires: Check back soon!
Body & Paint:
  • Has a 5" inch chop on top
  • Exterior color is a Washington blue paint.
  • Rear seat bench style with armrest
  • Front seats are bucket seats on swivels
  • 4- spoke Bell style steering wheel
  • 1949-52 steering box and column.
  • All Stewart Warner wing gauges on dash
  • Speedometer is a 5 inch police special Stewart Warner
  • The interior is a two tone color of a sandy tan leather on the seats and the roof is a removeable tonneo cover. 
Lifestyles: Restorer, Hot Rodder, Street Rodder, Custom Rodder, Rat Rod