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"Redhead Galaxie"     1963 Ford Galaxie

Introduction / Overview: Basically stock Sportsroof Galaxie 500, doing needed work along the way and enjoying her as much as I can.
Drivetrain: Started life with a 352 2bbl and a Cruise-o-matic 3 speed, but the 352 is now a 390, with an Edlebrock intake & 4bbl, a rebuilt distributor with Pertronix IgnitorII internals and 8mm wires. The trans has been replaced with an AOD and AOD to FE kit from Bendsten's.
Chassis: Factory for now
Wheels and Tires: The Cragars and raised white letter tires that came to me on the car are still there, but I have plans to replace both.
Body & Paint: In order to stand apart from a couple of other white Galaxie's in the area, I decided to paint the roof red, since then I saw another car that had done the same. Plans are in the works for eventually shaving the side trim and adding some simple scallops to the paint scheme.
Lifestyles: Build-It, Drive-It