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"Moving Violation"     1988 Chevrolet S-10

Introduction / Overview: My old school daily driver is a mildly modified extended cab S10. 
Drivetrain: I installled a mostly stock 1995 GM 3.4L V6. The intake manifold is from a GM 2.8L V6 and has been bored to accommodate a TBI from a 4.3L V6. Along with an adjustable fuel pressure regulator is a fuel pressure gage installed in the fuel line next to the TBI. I have installed the aluminum valve covers from a Fiero GT 2.8L V6 and a heated O2 sensor.The transmission is a stock 700R4 automatic converted to a B&M floor shift.
Chassis: The front end had been lowered with 2" dropped spindles and 2" drop springs. The rear is lowered by 3" blocks with drop shocks all around. I have added an anti-roll bar from a blazer on the rear. I have completely rebuilt the front suspension with new sway bar bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends, upper and lower control arm bushings and idler arm.
Wheels and Tires: The wheels are stock 14" with full moon disk wheel covers on 205x75x14 tires.
Body & Paint: The hood has been louvered. All side and wheel well trim has been removed. A full tube grille was added and a blazer rear bumper. The exterior still needs to be painted. 
Interioir: Basicly stock looking interior. I installed a new headliner and used carpet with Sunfire bucket seats. An old school Grant small diameter steering wheel with a column mounted tachometer. More to come here.
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