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" How To Tell Your Partner About Sex Dolls?"     2022 AMC Classic

Introduction / Overview:

Did you know that you can destroy your relationship by telling your girlfriend that you have a real thick sex doll? This is not surprising, but it is understandable that other people will look at real love dolls with strange eyes. In order to convince people of real dolls, you need to teach your partner/future spouse using the correct language. I would like you to teach me how to persuade such a person from now on.

1. Create an atmosphere of casual conversation

By adding humor, it's more acceptable to say things like small talk or jokes. The main thing is to relax yourself and don't be embarrassed about this. For example, when she's a little drunk, she talks to her about her sex toys and talks about what they've tried and what they have with each other. Then you can naturally say, "I have something amazing that you can never think of." Then you can naturally say that the Bezlya sex doll has.

2. Be a normal person

If you're a normally normal man, you'd think he'd have a personality even if he had a love doll. If you are too perverted and act suspiciously, having a love doll is considered perverted.

It is best to avoid overexcitement when talking about thick sex dolls. It's easy to get the image that you have a love affair, like you fell in love with a real doll because you can't fall in love with people.

So if you keep calm, live a normal life, and respect your partner, you're less likely to destroy the relationship.

3. Choose the perfect time

I think you and your girlfriend should understand each other, build a certain amount of trust, and talk after you've been dating for at least two months.

The other person knows your personality and personality well, and does not think that having a sex doll poses a psychological problem for you. Even if you show it to her, it will shock her a little and tell her jokes.

4. Communicate a valid reason for having a real doll

"I bought a DL sex doll because I want a sex partner" can be a good enough reason, but sometimes it's not. You may feel depressed because you think that the person you are dating cannot satisfy you on your own. Give them a reason to avoid hurting them as much as possible.

It's okay to lie a little. Let's use the reason why I had to use a sex doll because of.

selectively tell the truth
It's closer to the truth that I bought a love doll because I had a sexual demand. "I saw it in a documentary and bought it impulsively.", "I wanted a fun toy and a friend recommended a sex doll to me, so I tried it." For venting, I need something better than regular masturbation, so this is a good choice."
This is not to say that you should lie, but some people need time to understand, so the best thing to do is to give reasons that are acceptable.

Bezlya Best Real Dolls

5. Don't think too much

Having a thick sex doll is fine, but the more I think about it, the more I find it crazy.

As you know, this is just a love doll, and over 50% of Americans use love dolls. Show this data to your partner and smile and explain why/how you have it.

6. Find the right people

Make love with people who have the same interests as you. If he can't understand you no matter what, changing your partner is one option.

You can find people with the same weird hobbies as you on dating apps and blogs. Dating someone who understands you.

Sodoll is a sex doll store that values ​​trust and trust with customers. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or ask a question! It may take us a few days to get back to you, but we do our best to answer all questions and comments!

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