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"Old Olds"     1927 Oldsmobile 2 door

Introduction / Overview: '27 Olds 2dr Sedan.  Rear windows filled.  Steering is set and dash cut to fit the column.  Using the Hot Rod column from Speedway with the detachable wheel hub....  Master cylinder set and will run the lines after I finish grinding and painting the frame.  
Drivetrain: Under Constuction 350/350

Stock, boxed and K member added. Disk brakes front and rear. 7" dropped axle with Ford spindles. Retained the eiptical springs front and rear.  I may flip them to lower stance or relace with flat arch monoleafs. Ford F-100 steering box and Speedway hotrod column. 

Sure were a bunch of holes to fill.  Glad my buddy Jim took care of them when he boxed the frame and fabed the K member.  



Wheels and Tires:

Smoothies when it's done powder coated red with baby moons and trim rings.

10-6-10 Ordered the front rims 4.5X15 for the front Will run 155/60-15 tires.  

Body & Paint:

Channeled 8" sectioned 3" at tne bottom.  Filled rear windows. All wood removed and replaced with steel tubing. Planning on white 2 stage for the body with red frame and suspension and red pin stipes.

Working on the roof now and will fill the center with a soft top insert.  


Interioir: Not there yet but plan to do 3' pleats in red. Will run GPS instad of speedo and have satalite radio.
Lifestyles: Build-It, Drive-It