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"72 Stang"     1972 Ford Mustang

Introduction / Overview:

this car is a project I picked it up really cheap and am working on it as time and money permits. Eventually I woiuld like to make it a 4 barrell put a locker in the rear end as itis a one tire fryer right now! When I got it the power stearing pump was shot so I replaced the pump and steering gear. The car being white on white prompted a friend of mine to call it a Charlies Angels car, so I proceeded to use a rattle can to put some stripes on it to make it a litte meaner looking.

Drivetrain: 351c 2V 3speed auto 9inch rear end
Wheels and Tires:

235/35/15 BF Goodrich

Body & Paint: Earl Shieb(crappy ) white paint and some rattle can matte black rocker and hood stirpes

white vinyl

Lifestyles: Muscle Cars