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"2008 Lucra LC470"     2008 Lucra LC 470

Introduction / Overview:

Following up on last year's impressive debut of the LC470, the design team re-examined every part of the car, to refine and improve the design wherever possible. Over 50 years of race car building experience, coupled with the latest computer-aided design technology, went into the updated 2008 LC470. Now lighter and stiffer and with other design enhancements, the LC470 boasts incredible performance and driveability in a street-legal lightweight sports car package. (Smog legal in CA package!)

Carbon fiber body, aluminum suspension, 1850 lb weight, and tons of horsepower don't mean much if the car doesn't hold the road. Weight distribution is ideal at 53% rear and 47% front, giving the car forgiving handling characteristics and incredible traction. The low center of gravity obviates the need for anti-roll bars, unless you are into performance racing. Aluminum racing seats and aircraft-style four-point harnesses keep you fully secure as the LC470 pulls up to 1.3 g's in corners.

Performance is aided by the powder-coated, seamless, 4" drawn-over-mandrel steel tube used in chassis construction, which contributes to the great power-to-weight ratio and helps the car to a 9-second quarter mile at 149 mph. Okay, a 9-second car isn't for everyone, but the base model 350hp LC470 (the most modest of our performers) still delivers a 11.6-second quarter mile at 129 mph. Every part is deliberately placed to maintain a low center of gravity and accurate roll center. While technically a front engine car, it handles and drives like a very light weight mid-engine car.

The Tremec TKO600 Road Race Gear transmission was chosen, and gear ratios carefully selected, to match the vehicle's power and weight characteristics for maximum traction and performance. With a 3.07:1 final drive ratio, the base model 350 hp engine takes you from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds in first gear, and has a top speed over 200 mph, should you have inclination and opportunity to go there.

Integral to the performance of the LC470 is perfection in steering and suspension geometry. All bump steer and scrub were eliminated from the LC470 for a stable platform with no undesirable characteristics at high speeds. Easily adjustable front and rear suspension on the LC470 allow for precise tuning of caster, camber, toe, and ride height.

Driver position is fully reconfigurable to optimize balance and driving comfort regardless of the driver's height. To provide a custom fit, both the driver's seat and the Tilton 3-pedal assembly (with front/rear brake control) are adjustable, to bring the controls to the driver. Available space is another unique aspect of the LC470. The cockpit accommodates taller drivers (6'5"+), and the trunk easily holds two sets of golf clubs and luggage.

Elegant custom-fabricated, ceramic-coated, tuned headers and side pipes are standard on the LC470. The ceramic coating provides cooler operating temperature and longer life, and the recess in the body keeps the exhaust out of the way.

High pressure aircraft-grade A/N stainless steel lines are used for all fuel, cooling, and brake systems.

All hardware on the LC470 is of F9/11 aircraft grade material, rated to a strength of 180,000 psi. This hardened alloy steel is extremely strong, providing longer wear life for both the bolts and the expensive parts they anchor.




GM, 5.7L Aluminum fuel injected 350, 500hp

Tremec TKO 600RR transmission

Chassis: 2008 Lucra LC 470, aluminum 4" DOM round steel tubing
Wheels and Tires:

WHEELS: Aluminum 2 piece custom, 17x9.5, 17x11

275/40/17 Front

315/35/17 Rear

Body & Paint: All carbon fiber body. Smokey Granite / Black Pearl stripe.
Interioir: Black leather, carbon fiber, aluminum
Lifestyles: Exotics