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replace inflatable dolls ダッチワイフとインフレータブル人形が好きですか? ... check out this site for ratrod parts check out this site for ratrod parts
Recycling More Then Ever A Diamond In The Rough? I know most of us already know about what it means to recycle. But not everyone thinks about old cars or trucks when it comes to recycling.You know I see thousands upon thousands of old rusting cars that people on flickr have added to their sites, and it’s a shame what we've done to these great relics, the pictures show these great icons of our past that have been stripped, abandoned, ...
Gold Dust Days Car show 2013 Ford Model TT Stake Bed truck.  1920's  This Saturday was the 7th Annual Gold Dust Days in Gold Bar WA.  It was hosted by the Rat Bastards Car Club so we went to see some rat rods, but they also had a lot of other events for the kids and some pretty nice street rods.  There was only one Studebaker Lark that was converted into a dragster.  I took photos of it and the rat ...
Been Too Long - A/T back in Bonnie It'd been too long! I've had a new front pump seal for a long time (fingers crossed that's where the leak was... it must be!) but haven't spent any time out in the garage. The weather is too nice not to be driving my roadster! I gotta say, I didn't really enjoy the work. As to be expected, not much went right, except my buddy Deano, the friendly Polar Bear, came over to help me and he's an awesome mechanic and good ...

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