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Recycling More Then Ever A Diamond In The Rough? I know most of us already know about what it means to recycle. But not everyone thinks about old cars or trucks when it comes to recycling.You know I see thousands upon thousands of old rusting cars that people on flickr have added to their sites, and it’s a shame what we've done to these great relics, the pictures show these great icons of our past that have been stripped, abandoned, ...
The Story of Woodrow the Li'l Tin Woody  March 22, 2011   Hello everyone my name is “Woodrow”, I’m a little tin woody, but I’m really made of steel. (tin woody is just my nickname) I was made in Cleveland, Ohio in 1951, well part of me was, my body.One day I got to ride on one of those great big transport carriers to a place called an ''Assembly Plant'' that's where my frame, engine, transmission and everything else was in ...

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