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Preservation Not Restoration - 1955 Bel Air 18,000 Mile 1955 Chevy Bel Air Classic To say Chevy's relaunch of the Bel Air in 1955 kick started an automotive revolution would be a understatement. As the first entry into what would become known throughout the world as the "shoebox Chevy", the 55 Bel Air became one of the most iconic Chevrolets in history, right up there with the Corvette and the Camaro. Highlights for the model year include the first year for a ...
Fun at the Drag Strip in Stan's 1955 Chevy Gasser Nothing says nostalgia like a 1955 Chevy Gasser! When my friend Stan asked me to join him at the dragstrip to race his '55, I couldn't say no. As I arrived at his place, I expected to see a trailer. Not this time - because this Chevy dragster is street legal! Heads turn as we drive by and in no time we've arrived at Irwindale Speedway for Thursday Amateur Night. Arriving early meant no waiting in the tech ...