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2011 Ridler Winner -50's Ford Wins 2011 Ridler Winner - It's Official Picture by: Dan Baker of Alumicraft Well if you were watching Facebook, you'da found out 30 minutes early, but the results are in and this 1956 Ford Sunliner Convertible owned by Bruce & Judy Ricks of Sapulpa, OK is the Ridler winner for 2011 from Detroit Autorama. I couldn't agree more and, in fact, I picked this car to win it on Friday night! Here's what we know about ...
2011 Detroit Autorama - I'm Psychic 2011 Ridler Winner? Picture by: Megan Boyd Join hands now as we call upon the spirits of past Ridler Award winners to psychic-ly or maybe psychotic-ly choose the big winner for the 2011 Detroit Autorama. Hear me now great and all knowing Chip Foose, here me wise-one, Mr. Troy Trepanier... are you there? Is that you Tammy Ray? Help me Obi-Wan Don Ridler! I see a Ford. It's AMAZING! It even has a Ford engine in ...
2011 Detroit Autorama: You Choose the Ridler 2011 Ridler Award Contenders from World of Wheels Update! Details and more pictures of the 2011 Ridler Winner I was right!! Picked to win early thanks to my psychic friends... 2011 Ridler Winner prediction Story & Pictures by: Megan Boyd The 2011 Detroit Autorama is off to another sizzling start in snowy Detroit, Michigan. No worries, a little snow never slows the dedicated hot rodders that make their way to ...