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2010 Carlisle Truck Nationals Pictures Carlisle Car Show: 2010 Truck Nationals The 2010 Carlisle Truck Nationals was, once again, a great event and was there to enjoy the show. Truck enthusiasts from around the country were there competing for trophies and just to hang out with like-minded individuals. There was something for everyone including sky-high monster trucks all the way to frame laying minis. One of the highlights of the ...
Spring Carlisle Swap Meet Aaah, spring in the Northeast. Time to take the covers off the hibernating beast in the garage and do some car stuff. The beginning of the season up in the Northeast has been marked for the last 31 years by a five day event simply known as Spring Carlisle. The event is held each year in April at the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Carlisle, PA. During this event, the 81 acre facility is just stuffed full of cars, parts, supplies, ...