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The three best smallest cars in the world We are typically conditioned to think of a vehicle as a large vehicle! However, for drivers and other urbanites, who want more functional cars, that are easy to drive and maintain, the small cars fit the bill perfectly. Today, most cars are becoming huge, which makes it challenging to drive, maintain, and park. Sometimes, big vehicles are not easy to maneuver. Different people come with unusual choices and requirements. ...

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Datsun/Nissan Z Show and Cars & Coffee...Gettin' Car Sick in Cali! On the weekend of April 25-27 my family and I headed out to Orange, CA for the 2008 Motorsport Datsun/Nissan Z Show. We met up with a few members of the Desert Z association and made a caravan to Cali. Ryan and I led the way in his 1981 silver and black 280 turbo ZX, followed closely by my dad and mom in his rally orange 1976 280 Z (great year by the way!) . After checking in at the hotel we headed to the “meet and ...