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Glen's Bad Blown Nova Runs Low 7's Bad Blown Chevy Nova rips up Wild Horse Pass Quarter Mile     Glen Bolz, a buddy from near me in Arizona hooks us up with timely info about how his purpose drag race built 1966 Chevy Nova is doing at the track. He's doing well!!   The car's great enough to win at a car show and now does low 7's at almost 200 mph now that Glen's able to step on it some. It's even nice enough to grace the ...
Arizona's Wildest Blown Nova Hits the Newstands Bad Blown Nova from Arizona Our good friend Glen Bolz, with his insane blown Nova, let us know he'll be in the August issue of Chevy High Performance magazine. Here's a short video to remind you why you care:   [youtube][/youtube]     Then, here's the cover to watch for soon: