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Best of SEMA 2013 #6 - Diesel COE from Welderup 1954 COE with 450HP Cummins at 2013 SEMA Show   This is the 6th installment of Best of SEMA Show 2013... Why not something totally unexpected?     First of all, what the heck is this? Well, if you're not familiar with Welderup, then this custom 1954 GMC COE (stands for cab over engine) might come as a bit of a shock. Then again, if this is shocking to you... you probably haven't ever been ...
Diesel Rat Rod: Blowin' Smoke Diesel Powered Hot Rod at Viva Las Vegas   Photos by Swanee Diesel Rat Rod blowing pure Cummins smoke!   SEMA 2009 proved to be an extreme mix of automotive genius and variety.  Rat rods are becoming part of that creative pool. Rat rods, in general, are built solely from old parts and pieces that are deliberately left raw and natural.  Additional trinkets are added, leaving their patina to show.  ...