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Smooth Billet Center Caps for Boyd Coddington Wheels ID Your Ride is now making smooth billet center caps for Boyd Coddington wheels. These caps are CNC machined from solid 6061 billet aluminum and polished to a high shine. They are sold in a set of four and include new o-rings. We have a special introductory price of $49.95 for a set, good until 9/15/13 (regular price is $64.95). These are perfect to replace lost, dull or damaged caps, or just to give your ride a new clean ...

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Makin' You Sick - Clint's Pepto Pink Frontier Custom Truck: Nissan Frontier Sometimes you’ve got to go against the grain. Take Clint McDowell, for example. If you saw the 20 year old on the streets of Phoenix, you’d wonder how one person could get so many piercings in their face, and how they were able to dig up a set of Max Headroom style glasses out of the 1985 parts bin. To say Clint is unique is an understatement in its highest form. Seriously on his ...
Cherish Her - Bear's Nissan Hardbody You've  probably met guys like Jerry before. He’s a good guy, always worked hard at his job, been around the local club scene for a while, and has built a few cool rides in his time. Then one day, he steps it up a notch and builds something really wicked. That’s just what happened to Jerry Taylor, of Glendale, Arizona and this Nissan Hardbody. Except Jerry doesn’t go by Jerry. Most know him as “Bear,” a ...