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The Yankee Express. I bought a 67 Coronet 500 survivor with zero missing parts and little rust from a CL ad. It had 69,000 miles and tinted glass, A/C, PS,PB and will have PW too. 318 V8 will be replaced with a 440RB  wedge and BB727 trans.  many body mods and fabricated items have been accomplished and i'm at the bodywork stage. The car will be deep Azure blue with a Desert tan top.

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Keepin' It Original - 1951 Ford Resto Timeless 1951 Ford Victoria Ford or Chevy? The oldest rivalry in American car history and one most can easily tell you which side of the line they stand on. For Ameth Gonzales it was on the bow tie’s sidelines until he laid eyes on the 1951 Ford Victoria Hardtop. Ameth picked up the Vicky in Arcadia, CA back in 2002 and despite it being just over 50 years old at the time, it only had two previous owners. ...
1965 Mercury Comet Caliente Pro-Touring Build Pro-Touring Hot Rod Comet   Pro-Touring? Does this sound like grandma cruisin' Route 66 in a Mercury Marquis? Try Again! For those hiding out in your garage working on your own hot rod in the last 5 years, Pro-Touring cars are classic muscle cars modified to be driven hard with modern hot rodding technology.   Call it Pro-Touring or G-Machine, everything on these tricked out rides is upgraded and ...