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Bonneville at 2014 GNRS - 80 Record Setting Race Cars Save The Salt Foundation Gets $40,000 from "Century of Speed"   For those of us who have been honored to walk on the surface of what is known as The Bonneville Salt Flats, there is a myriad of terms used to describe the experience. Common words like magic or mystical or speed heaven are almost immediately used and usually accompany a kind of far-off gaze that comes over the face of the person relating their ...
Bonneville SAAB Story or . . . How I Raced Three Cylinders and Broke Land Speed Records! Rare 1968 Saab Sonett II makes up the base of this land speed record holder   The temperature is about 100 degrees, there’s no wind and what shade there is comes from an overhead tarp stretched from the side of a trailer. But Tom and Patti Donney are busy moving around their race car, methodically checking it over and getting ready for another trip to the starting line last August during Speed Week 2013. ...
Mickey Thompson's Challenger - Finishing a Father Son Project Challenger 2.5 Rebuilt by Danny Thompson for Bonneville Land Speed Racing   I 'm honored to hear Danny Thompson's story of how he'll rebuild the race car his father, legendary racer Mickey Thompson, originally built in 1968 with help from Ford.   I believe, and I've said it before, land speed racing folks are extraordinarily kind people. Count Danny Thompson as one of those people and as a brave ...