100 Years of Innovation – Concours d’ Elegance-Eastern US

Councours East Club Cars and Hot RodsThe rains held off long enough this weekend for the wife and I to attend our first Concours d’ Elegance. Like the last few weekends, the rain has played havoc on most East coast events and this weekend was no exception. But, the clouds parted late Saturday and I decided we would risk attending the Sunday show. The 19th Concours d’ Elegance of the Eastern United States was held once again on the campus of Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA as a fund raiser for The Burn Prevention Foundation. Over 100 awesome vehicles, from a 1906 Reo Model B Roadster to a 2008 Audi R8 Coupe, were present to gawk and drool over. The theme of the show was “A Century of Automotive Innovation” with a special exhibit area of “The Evolution of the Tailfin”. With the theme covering such a large segment of vehicles, there was something for everyone (Antiques, Race Cars, Muscle Cars, Super Cars, Vintage Motorcycles, etc.). How often do you get the chance to be within inches of such rare and expensive machines? This was the most excited I have been about just looking at cars in a very long time! The organizers of the show also set up a special club parking area which made up its own collection of an additional 200 or so more vehicles.

Richard Chappell’s 1959 Chevrolet Impala 2-Door ConvertibleGreat shows are made by the people who attend and most of the owners had stories to tell. Take for instance Richard Chappell. Richard owns a 1959 Chevrolet Impala 2-Door Convertible. He has owned it since he bought it new back in 1960. The car was his daily driver for a couple of years and then saw a few more years as the family vacation car. In the early 70’s the car was parked in his mother-in-law’s garage where it mostly sat until 1985. That year he attended a local car show where he met another driver/builder of a ’59 Impala who had just finished customizing his car. A deal was struck and a little over two years later Richard had his frame off restoration back. The nervousness about driving such a nice car was soon eased when coming home from Carlisle, after just taking possession of the car, he got a rock ding in the hood. Cars are meant to be driven and Richard drives his everywhere.

Great people, great vehicles, great show! And wouldn’t you know it…On the drive home it rained…

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Written by Bubba Harmon (bubbastoybox)

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