12 Muscle Bound Favorites at 2013 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

2013 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Muscle Cars and Mopars

Story and photos by Chris Voyles

This years Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction was a awesome one!

Last year was a great auction but I think there was a little more excitement this year with some super unique vehicles crossing the block. Who could have predicted the Batmobile would go for 4.3 million?! There were a lot of great vehicles that had the proceeds go to charities and nothing is better than to see the price climbing on those cars with the bidders out doing each other, at some point solely out of kindness.

I’m sure most of you have watched coverage of the Barrett Jackson Auctions on Speed Channel at some point but nothing beats being there in person and soaking in the true beauty of what we all love: Custom cars, muscle cars and for me Mopars! Whatever’s your favorite, there’s something for everyone at Barrett Jackson.

Here’s a few of my favorites. Let me know what you think… Chris

#1 The pro touring 1970 Dodge Charger with a modern Hemi transplanted into it. While my favorite Charger of all time the 68, this is still a very cool car! What I like about this car is it’s not a trailer queen! It’s meant to be driven and enjoyed. Really dig the Hemi Orange paint on it and mostly stock appearing interior. If I had the money this would have been a nice car to get. It sold for $57,200.

2013 Barrett Jackson, barrett jackson scottsdale, 1970 Dodge Charger

#2 The Galpin Gasser III was a pretty neat drag car on display at Galpin Motorsports booth. This was a 1957 Ford Custom 300. We saw this car and dug it at SEMA too.
2014 Barrett Jackson, barrett jackson scottsdale, Ford Gasser

#3 The 1970 Ford Boss 302 is another favorite muscle car for me. This one was no exception… absolutely beautiful.
2015 Barrett Jackson, barrett jackson scottsdale, 1970 Boss 302 Mustang

#4 This 1957 Chevy was clean and fully modified with a 406 small block backed by a 5 speed. This would turn some heads for sure.
2016 Barrett Jackson, barrett jackson scottsdale, 1957 Chevy custom

#5 1955 Chevy wagon! Whats not to like about this ride! Very cool retro drag car that would be awesome to cruise on the street as well as nostalgia race.
2017 Barrett Jackson, barrett jackson scottsdale, 1955 Chevy nomad, chevy gasser

#6 A 1955 Chevy Nomad that had some big horsepower under the hood. Custom Arias Chevy Hemi 540cid, BDS 8-71 blown and electronically fuel injected backed by a Turbo 400 with Lightning Rod shifters in a fully custom interior. To feed that big motor this had a 33 gal fuel tank. This one sold for just under $100k.
2018 Barrett Jackson, barrett jackson scottsdale, 1955 Chevy Nomad, arias hemi

#7 The coolest space age looking concept car was the 1956 Chrysler Diablo Convertible. Love it or hate it there is no denying its one of a kind. Ending price was just over $1.3 million!
2019 Barrett Jackson, barrett jackson scottsdale, 1956 Chrysler Diablo, concept car

#8 The ultimate Mopar the 1971 Hemi Cuda converible! This vehicle was one of only two built for Canadian export. In addition, it’s finished in its factory correct Violet (“Plum Crazy”) paint, making it the only 1971 Hemi ‘Cuda Convertible in this color! Lots of people don’t care for the Mopar high impact colors of the early 70’s but really like them especially this Plum Crazy Cuda. What was the final winning bid? Just over $1.3 million.
2020 Barrett Jackson, barrett jackson scottsdale, 1971 Hemi Cuda converible

#9 Another beautiful car that drew some high bidding was this 1970 442 W-30. When I say high bidding I mean for a Olds, it’s nice to see they’re starting to demand a little more money at the auctions. This car is 1 of 4 convertibles made in Rally Red, a special order paint for this car. Final price was just over $357k.
2021 Barrett Jackson, barrett jackson scottsdale, 1970 442 W-30

#10 Here we have a another awesome color or Mopars. The 1970 Hemi Cuda in Lemon Twist Yellow! Watching so many of my favorite cars roll across the block at Barrett Jackson was just torture… I so need a winning lotto ticket!!
2022 Barrett Jackson, barrett jackson scottsdale, 1970 hemi Cuda

#11 This 1st gen Camaro was restored to mimic one of the original old Redline Hot Wheels cars, the “Heavy Chevy” I think this is a very sweet looking car, they did a great job on it!2022 Barrett Jackson, barrett jackson scottsdale, hot wheels camaro

#12 This 1932 Ford Hot Rod was simply perfect in every way and demanded $90k for a final bid. In talking with the owner, he stated he was bored with it and wanted something he could drive. I can see his point, one rock chip driving down road and I would feel so bad.
2022 Barrett Jackson, barrett jackson scottsdale, hot rod

Well, those were my favorites. As you can see, I’m a Mopar guy! More Hemi’s please! So another Scottsdale auction in the books I look forward to next years event even more. What was your favorite?