17 Days, 8 hours, 31 minutes, 2 seconds ’til SPEEDWEEK

Bonneville Salt Flats Speedweek



…that’s right, 17 Days until Speedweek 2009 at the Bonneville International Speedway , “Worlds Fastest Speedway” in western Utah!  MyRideisMe.com will be at the salt in force. 

This will be my third salt’venture.  I’ll be accompanied by the MyRideisMe crew, pikesan, GreaseGirl and Swanee.  We’ve already got some stories lined up and plan to grab more. 

What would you like to see from the salt?  Drop a comment below and let us know and we’ll hunt it down!





Got Salt streamlinerWrenchin' in the pits at Speedweek 2008Honda Civic Land Speed Racer