1955 Chevy Gasser spotted at Lowes Parking Lot

So, February in Utah isn’t a great time to bust out the street driven Gasser, you’d think, but the owner of this ’55 Gasser called “Hemi Hunter” gets a big high 5 for doing just that.  Of course, it is the warmest day since November 22, it was a balmy 46.  Ha ha  I’ve got no info except for the pics I took.  But its a gorgeous example of an early 60’s Gasser built to run on the street.

1955 Chevy Gasser runs a 502ci big block was spotted at Lowe's

This car was immaculate!  Cherry black paint, all the correct Gasser mods, like radiused rear fender, bumperless, big long tube headers, no front fender wells to block the headers and straight front axle.  Those keystone mags set the car off nicely as well.  Rad!!!

Barnes & Sperry '55 Gasser runs a unique '65 Vette hood scoop

“Hemi Hunter” is right, that’s what a 502ci big block will get ya.

'55 Gasser named "Hemi Hunter" uses a 502ci big block

Love the gold lettering.  Period correct and Rad!

502ci Gasser power plant looking through the fender well

Super clean, that’s the word that comes to mind.  I dig the scoop sittin’ under the vette hood bulge.

Street worthy 1955 Gasser

That paint is reflecting everything.  Wow!  Dig that vette hood bulge/scoop and big street meats in the rear!

Super sano Gasser interior is immaculate

I dig the white steering wheel and white accents.  That interior is so clean!  There’s that word again, CLEAN.

1955 Chevy Gasser meats stick out

…and one more pic for your hot rod enjoyment.

Ground pounder Gasser came out of hibernation in Utah

So, all in all, an amazing find for a Saturday morning in February.  If you own this ride, comment below and help us with the info and history of this car.

Is that “Barnes and Sperry” name a tribute or is this the same car from back in the day?  See this link to Gasser Madness website and let me know if you guys think this is the same car?

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