2008 Goodguys Scottsdale – Photo Upload

The first of many, MANY photos from the 2008 Goodguys Southwest Nationals held in Scottsdale, Arizona just went up. (You can find all the events we’ve shot here: Hot Rod and Custom car Pictures)

…it’s just like being there, but without all of that pesky good weather, fine folks and healthy walking around stuff. Come to think of it, all of that sounds pretty good, huh? That’s the whole point of MyRideIsMe.com: Interacting with other members, making new friends, and just enjoying cars! If you missed this one, we invite you to check out our shots, as well as our member’s photos, too… and if you snapped some that we missed, feel free to join in and post them as well! Have some thoughts or a story from the weekend that you’d like to share? Send it our way, and we’ll make you famous!”

This blog will be updated as I load new pictures, so check back here over the next couple of weeks.

Goodguys Rod and Custom shows have a mix of cars. While I was there, I thought there were mostly hot rods, but looking over my photos, I shot alot of muscle cars, and G-touring type cars too. I’m calling all those cars, Street Machines. I held a brief but meaningful internal debate about that and finally decided that if there’s some opposition to that naming convention, then you’re welcome to make your own website! Ha ha!! What would you call’m?

The 4th Gallery of customs pics is up! Swanee, you’ve got to have some to add to this one! Once again, here’s the direct link: Goodguys Scottsdale Pictures – Hot Trucks

Sick Orange custom sled with incredible pinstriping

The 3rd Gallery of hot truck photos is up! Click on the link here: Goodguys Scottsdale Pictures – Hot Trucks

Rat Rod truck with matching bicycle

The 2nd Gallery of hot rod photos is up! Click on the link or wander over to the Car show picture gallery Here’s that link and my favorite picture: Goodguys Scottsdale Pictures – Hot Rods

Slick black hot rod with wide white walls

Here’s a link to the 1st gallery and one of my favorite pictures. Goodguys Scottsdale Pictures – Street Machines (Click on the pic to make it larger)

56 Chevy Street Fighter with LS7

Next to come: (almost done!)

Pro’s Details Photos (shots of some of the super trick ideas from big time builders)

MyRideisMe.com Favorite Photos

What else should I do?

OH! Then there’ll be a bunch of photos from Swanee. I’m sure he’ll make my shot’s look crappy, like usual… Look for his logo on the prints and get in touch with him through his MyRideisMe.com Garage here: Custom car pics

While you’re here, stop saying, “Hey, that’s a good idea for a website!” and join already!