2008 Speed Week-“Car Show” on the Salt

Bonneville Salt Flats: 2008’s Pictures:

Rat Rod at Speed Week 2008I’m a little intimidated to tackle a story that even has the words: Salt Flats, Bonneville, and Speed Week included. The 2008 Speed Week day-trip I made last year was only my second time on the salt in Bonneville, the “Fastest Place On Earth” as the Bonneville Speed Week website declares. I wanted to share a few words and pictures from that day.

I made the 1.5 hour drive out to Bonneville International Raceway with my good’ol 1959 JC Higgins rat rod cruiser pedal bike. The Bonneville salt-essentials strapped on the rear rack: bottles of water, sunflower seeds, sunblock and the old point and shoot camera. You need a bike just to get around the pit area. Why you ask? The pit area is 3 miles long and about 2 miles from the starting line!!!

I spent most of my time near the starting line and in the pits soaking in sun, salt and of course the coolest “Car Show/Cruise-In” ever! OK, so there’s no official car show, but that’s what I call it. There are a few hundred old roadsters, coupes, muscle cars, pusher trucks, rat rods, and motorcycles all over the pit area during the week long event.

Bonneville is the total experience for a hot rod nut; well worth the drive, whether its 1.5 hours or 1.5 days. The cars, the racing, the people, the beautiful salt scenery, its a must-do event!

What kind of a hot rod and racing website would MyRideisMe.com be without covering Speed Week this year? Don’t worry, we’ll be there from August 8-14 for Speed Week 2009! Not even a bias ply flat in the middle of the Utah desert is going to stop us!