More Speedweek 2011 at Bonneville Salt Flats

Bonneville Speed Week 2011 Pictures from the Salt Flats

2011 Bonneville Speed Week, Bonneville SpeedWeek, record results

If you’re looking at this car and wondering… “What is that!??” then welcome to (said in your biggest fanfare voice) “Continuing coverage of Bonneville Speed Week!”

You’re looking at a future “Baddest Hot Rods of Speed Week” in the 71 Triumph GT6 decked out, maybe ironically, in red. It just so happens that this bad Triumph is also the “Fastest Sports Car in the World.” In a white gloved smack in the face to the Ferarri team and their Enzo and on-site helicopter, the Black Salt Racing team piloted by Keith Copeland made this front wheel drive, small block Chevy powered, C/BFMS (blown fuel modified sports car) throw down a 305.597 mph record on the salt flats. Wow! Know what else? On the back-up run, Keith was on fire at nearly 300 miles per hour! Much more on this beautiful hot rod disguised as a sports car, very soon.

Bonneville Speed Week, 2011 Bonneville Speed Week, belly tank

ford flathead, flathead ardun, vintage hilborn injectionIt may be no contest for the “Best Push Truck of Speed Week” trophy when you see the cool Nomad above. The Bean Bandits always bring out fast cars and have a great time. See that guy in the red shirt? Well… to start the Ardun head flathead with a trick, vintage Hilborn injection system, you need to squirt some fuel right into the injectors. These things are made to run wide open, so they’re not the easiest to start… The engine fired up, but I guess a little fuel might have spilled over. THEN CAUGHT FIRE! Rather than panic, my cool friend asked for some water and calmly poured it onto the top of motor, careful not to get any into the motor. Fire went out, engine started up and away they went!

Bonneville Speed Week, 2011 Bonneville Speed Week, salt flats racing

Got a spare engine? Shaen Magan of Bass Lake, CA came to Bonneville Speed Week to break his own record of 218.681 mph in a E/BSTR. That’s a street roadster, so it’s got to have headlights and rear fenders among other rules. When you see this car assembled, it looks like way too much motor for such a small car, but they’re doing something right! I caught this shot in the middle of an engine change.

Bonneville Speed Week, 2011 Bonneville Speed Week, 1941 Ford Coupe

From here, I just want to share a few shots of the cars I liked. The 1941 Ford Coupe runs in AA/CBGC which is an unlimited engine displacement “Classic” coupe. This good old ford destroyed the existing record of 179.490 mph and went 222.501 mph. Congratulations to Tom Mersereau on becoming a new member of the 200 MPH Club!

Bonneville Speed Week, 2011 Bonneville Speed Week, hot rods

The Renck and Roberts, C/GR, gas roadster is out of Pueblo, CO. I met Bob Hull from the team and he was already a fan of Thanks Bob! Bob was also driving a trick 27 Ford Roadster over at the Nugget Car Show. Watch for a feature on that one soon. (I love catching starter Jim Jensen with his hands up signaling it’s time to go!)

Bonneville Speed Week, 2011 Bonneville Speed Week, bonneville lakester

Dig this long, lean Arias Hemi equipped lakester owned by Blanchard – Bacik and York. The lakester class is an old and very competitive class with a current record of 334.219 mph!

Bonneville Speed Week, 2011 Bonneville Speed Week, Bonneville Roadster

Saving the best for last… this is my buddy Jeamie cruising the 932 B/STR up to the starting line. The “My 3 Sons” racing team consists of Dan, Jeff, Jeamie and Dan Strachan from Moville, Iowa. The car was built so the whole family could have fun racing. They built a beautiful car and except for a small mishap with the jack, they were having a blast making runs around 150.

I still have more photos to edit and upload. Anything you’re looking for, leave a comment and let us know!

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