2011 Detroit Autorama – I’m Psychic

2011 Ridler Winner?

Picture by: Megan Boyd

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Join hands now as we call upon the spirits of past Ridler Award winners to psychic-ly or maybe psychotic-ly choose the big winner for the 2011 Detroit Autorama.

Hear me now great and all knowing Chip Foose, here me wise-one, Mr. Troy Trepanier… are you there? Is that you Tammy Ray? Help me Obi-Wan Don Ridler!

I see a Ford. It’s AMAZING! It even has a Ford engine in it… an original 427 SOC “Cammer” motor at that. Thus the name, “Suncammer”. On top of a one-off cast intake manifold sit equally rare Autolite inline four barrel carbs. Fantastic!!

From there, add interior by Gabe’s, all nickel plating by Jon Wright Custom Chrome Plating and custom mixed Dupont Hot Hues and I see our new champ!

I give you the 1956 Ford Sunliner Convertible owned by Bruce & Judy Ricks of Sapulpa, OK.


Vote with me or against me here: 2011 Ridler Award Contenders – You Vote

I was right!

The “Suncammer” took home the Ridler Award and from the comment left by “Grilleguy” over in the voting story, it sounds like the clear winner:

The winner 1) The ‘56 Ford Suncammer. Man there were so many unnoticed mods on this car, from being pie sectioned from zero at the rear wheel well to 4″ at the front fender, custom rocker panels, custom made CNC milled side trim, a “One off” custom made cross ram style intake complete with experimental Ford part numbers, firing order and the Ford logo cast into the intake. Custom made grille to match the reworked grille opening, both bumped rec’d a nip/tuck/flip. This car just “worked”

What do you think?

I could use more pictures of this car if you have them… please email moc.emsiedirymnull@nimda

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