2011 GNRS Feature Cars – Customs Then and Now

2011 Grand National Roadster Show

From Rodshows.com the hosts of the 2011 Grand National Roadster Show, here’s some info about a very special hall at the 62nd Grand National Roadster Show or you might have heard of the “GNRS” and the home of the “AMBR Award” or “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster”.  This is the show and it’s not one you want to miss!

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62nd Annual Kragen O’Reilly Grand National Roadster Show

Customs: Then and Now Featured at this year’s Grand National Roadster Show will be a classic collection of the most notable and historic custom cars. Building 9 at the Fairplex in Pomona will be filled with over 75 different members of custom car royalty. It promises to be a room full of chopped up beauties, dripping with impeccable colors and intricate paint. Aesthetic detail and flowing body lines will please the eye as you stroll through the exhibit and feel the history of the cruisin’ custom days.

This exhibit is sure to represent this car class with pride and will, without a doubt, bring you back to the days when the era began. Though it won’t take place on your high school’s field, we hope it brings you joy as you remember the adventure of creating a unique car that responded to the lack of individuality that marked the 1950’s.

Once you step into the building, you will be transported through a progression of the custom vehicle. Sleek and modified beauties could be found dotting the streets of the LA Area. Famous cruising spots, like Bellflower Avenue, were the place to be and show off your custom paint job or lowered body. The creativity of each car was brought to a new level once competitions began.

With the endless possibilities of channeling, chopping, decking, frenching, lowering, nosing or sectioning, modifying the vehicle beyond its “make and origin” became a priority. Added beauty in the details and different interior, wheel covers, custom paint jobs and chrome pieces meant the finished product would be breathtaking. Builders such as Barris, Hines, Westerguard, Watson and Winfield designed creations that constantly challenged each previous build.

Presented by Kustoms Illustrated Magazine and O’Brien Truckers, this customs exhibit is gaining excitement across the country and the world! Confirmed customs from every corner of the United States will be present, including very early customs that haven’t seen the light of day in close to 50 years. Join us and make history at January 28-30, 2011.

Grand National Roadster Show, custom car show, Pomona Car show

Customs Meet & Greet Autograph signing party Info:

Building 9, Saturday January 29 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Confirmed Meet and Greet Attendees:

  • George Barris
  • Jack Stewart
  • Steve Stanford
  • Rod Powell
  • Penny Pichette
  • Paul Bragg
  • Rik Hoving
  • Dean Jeffries
  • Blackie G
  • Howdy Ledbetter
  • Bill Hines
  • Gene Winfield
  • DeRosa Sr.
  • Greg Sharp
  • Sam Foose
  • Frank Livingston

For more information about the Grand National Roadster Show or the Sacramento Autorama coming up on February 11-13, 2011 go to RodShows.com.

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