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Midnight Mass #8

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This year I thought I would go against what I was hearing about Midnight Mass and experience it for myself. For some reason Midnight Mass was getting a bad wrap for the past couple of years. Yeah, there has been some drama inside the Poor Boys car club but really, what club doesn’t have a little drama here and there. Mostly when rumors are spread it just makes it 10x worse by the time it reaches it’s final destination.

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This year marks number 8 for Midnight Mass and it was held at Gibson Ranch out in Sacramento, CA. Generally, this show is held from 5:00pm till midnight, hence Midnight Mass. Calendar-wise it’s also held at the end of July. So if you are not familiar with Sacramento, especially at the end of July, I would like to give you a heads up for future summer shows out in this area… bring a ton of sun screen and enough water to fill a 50 gallon drum! Simply… it’s hot. Which is pretty smart thinking by the Poor Boys CC to have it go into the night. It does cool down about 8:00pm that does make for a pleasant, cooler rest of the show. A percentage of the proceeds to this show went to Marshell’s Mafia (someone help with a link) which benefits Autism. I thought that was very cool.

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To put Midnight Mass into perspective it’s Sacramento’s version of Viva Las Vegas. It has a main stage with band like Switchblade Frankie, The Fortunate Few, K B and the Slingtones, Vintage Vandals and Colonel Jimmy and the Blackfish. So there was plenty of groove’n and shake’n going on.

Midnight Mass also had plenty of food and bevmo booths to supply the crowd with what ever they needed. By the looks of it, the PBR booth always had a line around the corner. Imagine that.

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In Viva fashion as well, Mass had about an acre of vendors. Every thing from merch, barbers, tattoos, vintage clothing, mags, pinstripers and of course photographers. Yes, the photographers. Every time I turned around… photographers. Not that I have anything against them. Reason being that there where so many is that they had a lot to shoot. Whether it was rods or pin ups or just spectators. There was a mass of them.

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I couldn’t even tell you how many different clubs there where, not to mention the showing of non club rods. If you stood at one end of the show you really could not see where it ended. Just rows and rows of rods, customs, bombs, classics, wagons, trucks cycles and even a vintage fire truck. I would hate to be the guy or gal having to judge for best in show or any of the awards. It was a sea of amazing metal.

I could probably say the same for the pin up gals! Everywhere, whether they were all dolled up getting snapped by the custom culture paparazzi or just rolling through till the pin up contest. One reason is that the Midnight Mass pin up contest is a pretty big deal when it comes to Northern California summer shows. Also the contest is held at sundown on the main stage which I personally think is brilliant. After snapping a few pin ups and the last of what I thought would be rods coming into the show, I decided that it would be a smart idea to split before the mob did.hot rod pinups, hot rod pinup girls, hot rod girls, pin up photography

It was a good walk back to the ride, about a 1/4 mile. It was about 8:00pm when I split and people where still pouring in. I got to the ride, put my equip up and headed out for my 2 hr ride back home. I pulled out on Elverta, which was the entrance to the show. Packed all the way to Watt Ave. Again for those of you that don’t know Sac-town. That’s about 2 miles of stopped traffic. All wanting to get into Mass. I’m sure after I left the show ragged into the night, well at least till midnight. With every thing that has swirled around this show in years past you can say what you want. Myself, I enjoyed it. I would say if you are traveling from out of town to get a room. Which most people did who I talked to. You can like it or dislike it but you can’t deny it’s one for the Masses. For more info on future Midnight Mass shows or any Poor Boys CC show you can go to theoriginalpoorboys.com

As always, my best pictures from the car show are in the MyRideisMe.com hot rod picture gallery. Pick your favorite and let us know.


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