2011 Strangers Car Show – Family Fiesta

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Story Contributed by MyRideisMe.com member: Nick Koljian “Hellcity316”

2011 Strangers Car Show
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I would like to start off by saying the Strangers Car show and BBQ is a special show in many ways. One, it’s a family show for us here at the N/K residence. The whole family piles in to the wagon and heads down 680 south in route for San Jose’s Kelly park. Dave,my bro-in-law and his son roll in for the festivities. It’s a family affair gig.

We all park it in the same place right behind the raffle booth every year under one of the many shade trees in the park. Throw the blanket down, kick out the chairs and the girls spew out all their toys for the day.

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Two, it’s the headliner of a double dip show weekend. On that Saturday is Gambino’s Sit Down custom car show in San Jose which is always a dandy. Then you have the Strangers on Sunday. Which in my opinion is one of the highly anticipated and blockbuster weekends of the summer for shows. Third, it marks my anniversary of covering the great shows that Northern California brings to the table every year for Mr.Pike and MyRideisMe.com. (editor note: Right on Nick!)

With that said,lets talk about this phenomenal show! This being it’s 12th successful year, the Strangers car show and BBQ has always been a staple in the rich San Jose hot rod scene. But this year was a bit different. Not being able to get there as early as we usually do in years past. We pulled in about 1:00 pm and got settled in. The girls grabbed their raffle tickets and I was off to capture the show.

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As I was roaming around admiring all the amazing customs I noticed that a lot of the usual car clubs where not present and a slough of new clubs and rods where there in there place. Honestly I can’t remember the names of the clubs and I apologize… I do have to say that I can’t remember the last time I saw paint like this. The first thing that came to mind was the 70’s low rider scene. The fades, the flake and the lines. Just amazing. In typical fashion the show always attracts everything from customs and classics to bombs and rods. Of course a Strangers show always brings out some crazy style pinstriping, year in and year out but this year I would have to say the colors and paint won it for me.

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Speaking of paint, meaning 1 shot paint, the stripers where out in full. There was the Style Kings Wim & Rich Luna as well as TBonez Graffix and pin-up/ pinstriper Trisha Turner who I had shot earlier in the day. Among all the vendors there was Mike from Gearhead mag and the boys from Deadend mag as well. Top Notch Customs also representing the city of San Jose. Like Strangers shows of the past, the BBQ was rolling out hot rod fare all through out the day and the Strangers CC booth had some of the best shirt designs I have seen in along time. That’s saying a lot cause every year they put out great prints for their show tees.

This year fellow Strangers CC member Chico Von Spoon did the a awesome job! Unlike other shows the Strangers like to bring back the past show with shirts and stickers of past events, which I find to be very cool. Needless to say, when I see stickers it is a must pick up. Naturally to fill the slot from the MyRideisMe.com stickies that got  passed out. There is another typical thing that you find just about at every car show that the Strangers don’t have but sets them aside from everyone else, is music. Now before you get all worked up and say “What no music!” They don’t need nor do I think they should have music. Not that I am against hearing classic tunes through out the show. It’s such a great atmosphere and setting that the history of the park itself and the feel alone is what makes this. Music or bands just wouldn’t be right at this type of show. Again, that’s what sets this show in a league of it’s own.

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As always, the Strangers raffle is awesome. With it’s comedic leader Sean Denton, he always makes it a good time! Not to mention there’s always “that guy” that wins everything. So you can only imagine who gets ribbed every time a number is called and he walks up. The raffle parting gifts are alway top notch! That’s not the only thing that is top notch. The awards for Best in Show are out of this world.

Like clock work after the awards and the raffle the family packs up all the goodies from the day,we say our good-byes and we head to the car for the journey back up 680, well really we all go Cicero’s Pizza but I’ll save that for another time.

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Leaving the Strangers show you always leave happy. Like that family picnic where everyone gets together for the day without drama or anything negative. Just a great time with family and friends. That’s the kind of feel you get at a Strangers show. Plus you get to check out some awesome customs, classics and hot rods. Not a bad combo for the picnic basket! I would take that up any and every Sunday.

Once again the Strangers CC prove that the Strangers car show and BBQ is one of the best shows of the year. For more info on the Strangers CC show or just to see what the club is up to go to http://www.strangerscarclub.com/

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– N/K

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