2012 Mini Bike Round Up – Phoenix

Custom Mini Bike Show in Phoenix, AZ

Story and Photos by Rob Zollermini bikes, custom minibikes

A brisk 90 degree day in the Phoenix Valley pulled the hibernating zealots from their AC’d lairs to attend the event of the year. We rolled in and were pleasantly surprised to see the event already up and rolling.

mini bikes, custom minibikes

There was a “Mini” swap meet which drew our immediate attention and after a few great scores we turned our gaze onto the plethora of “customcool” mini bikes. There was everything from the mild to wild with Ron’s yellow racer taking top honors for speed demon, there were choppers and bobbers, stocks and mods, all were welcome.

mini bikes, custom minibikesmini bikes, custom minibikes

Of course we eventually wandered over to the park just across the street for some spontaneous drag racing and exhibitions of speed which drew the inevitable attention of the Phoenix PD… Everyone scattered except for the sacrificial lamb, I won’t divulge his name (Chip). We were pleasantly surprised to find that we were welcome to peruse the parking lot as long as we didn’t touch the grass… GAME ON! There will be a follow up show and drag race in November at Speed World and we’re trying to organize a dirt oval race in Queen Creek very soon.
mini bikes, custom minibikesmini bikes, custom minibikes

Good food, good fun and good people, what else could anyone ask for?! A special THANKS!!! to Jan and Ron Olmstead for offering up their home, hearts and hospitality!