2012 Hot Rod Pin-up Calendar By Mitzi

Hot Rod Pin-up Calendar

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If you’re a poker player, peaking at your cards and seeing pocket aces, or in five card draw holding a set on the deal, you’re feeling like you can’t lose… Same thing’s true with pinup photographer Mitzi’s 2012 Pinup calendar. Mitzi’s a long time friend of MyRideisMe.com shooting  and sharing pinups and the best hot rods custom cars from SoCal and beyond. Now she’s delivering 12 months of hot rod pinups for your viewing pleasure.

I just called for service, beer’s on the house… tilt one back and check out the winning hand below.

On the cover shown above is the lovely Miss Doris Mayday. Also seen as Miss September, Doris is welcoming you to Vegas in front of the Wild Cad hailing from Australia. Featured in magazines and online everywhere, owner Mario Colalillo’s 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville has every mod and custom trick available and thanks to legendary customizer and painter Gene Winfield, has an amazing purple fade paint job. When you see Doris dealt face up like this… raise.

hot rod pinup, pin up calendar, 2012 pinup calendar

Next up is Miss April, simply known as Mosh. Look closely and there’s 3 tons of 1950 Cadillac built by Rick Dore there too. Mitzi says Mosh is one of her favorite models… could easily be one of mine too… (“pair of queens would be too obvious…) I’ll call Mosh my Bad Beat. Everybody at the table wins.

hot rod pinups, 2012 pinup calendar, pin up calendar

Next up is Miss February, pinup model Kelsey Alexandra. (I know April’s after Feb… but I’m the one holding the cards here…) Kelsey’s rocking the seriously channeled 32 Ford hot rod pickup called, “Floorless” shot at Gary Chopit’s shop in Stanton, CA. With her lips saying, “kiss me” and her eyes saying, “I’ll never tell…” she’s gotta be the queen of hearts.

2012 pinup calendar, hot rod pinups, 2012 pin up calendars

Dealing from the bottom of the deck straight to Miss March, we see the lovely Firme Hyna. Teaming up with Mitzi at the Ink-n-Iron show, Firme’s ride’n shotgun in Shawn Phelps’ 1960 Chevy wagon. Don’t be afraid of a long roof with gold paint! Any time you’re ride’n in a wagon, that’s the wild card!

2012 pinup calendar, hot rod pinups, pin up calendar

All eyes are on Miss December Erica Vaughn and the timeless Mooneyes digger shot in front of their shop in Santa Fe Springs, CA.  (Searching for clever card or gambling reference now… nobody’s reading this anyway… suggestions?) Draw another card and see Erica as MyRideisMe.com’s October Pinup of the Month.

2012 pinup calendar, hot rod pinups

Coming full circle to Washington state native and Miss January, introducing Miss Melanie Lacy. Always searching for nostalgic backdrops for her shoots, Mitzi shot her first pinup set with Melanie at the Early Ford Store in San Dimas, CA. They hit it off so well, Melanie stacks the deck for the whole year, right from the start.

Thanks for ignoring my words while you dreamed of owning Mitzi’s hot 2012 Pinup Calendar. Don’t dream, my friends, make it real!  Visit Mitzi’s website or find Mitzi at several hot rod and custom car shows in California, (Like Grand National Roadster Show coming up!) to buy her 11×17 wire bound, high quality calendar. Like a hand holding “queens full” you can’t lose!

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