3 Hot Rod and Custom Car Projects to Inspire

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Are you working on a hot rod project?

Maybe your project is stalled? Is it taking too long (that’s me!) or you haven’t even started yet? Don’t worry! Make it fun, and take advantage of Gumout’s offer to help out with $2500!


To inspire or maybe just give ya the friendly kick in the pants you need to get started, I wanted to tell a couple stories about successful hot rod projects and one slick Chevy truck getting dropped and bagged in one day.


First look above… you see Victor, closest to his home built Model A hot rod coupe, standing with Jim and Chris. I know Vic’s a hard worker and talented building just about anything he sets out to make for himself or his Throttle Kings Car Club buddies. I met Vic when his hot rod was just getting started:


hot rod model A project, hot rod coupe


Vic enjoyed this hot rod coupe as much as anyone could with multiple trips to Viva Las Vegas Car Show and LA Roadster Show visits. Maybe that’s the trick to long term project success? Built it as you drive it! It’s either that, or like the next example, build in a team… Either way, Vic sold his coupe and, like most of us would, started another project, or was it two?


hot rod pickup, hot rods, flat paint hot rod, 1936 ford truck


Let’s start backwards this time… Fellow Throttle Kings member Jim’s been building his 1936 Ford Pickup since before I took this picture in Summer of 2008. Like with most successful projects, Jim’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, but also counts on help from club members and friends from all around Socal. The results speak for themselves! Jim’s truck transformed to what you see here:


hot rods, hot rod trucks, 1936 ford hot rod pickup


This was shot inside the Grand National Roadster Show’s “Suede Palace”. The Suede Palace features some of the coolest, nostalgia-styled hot rods and custom cars from around SoCal and beyond. It’s a privilege to get picked and Jim’s truck, decked out in more chrome, fresh paint and a tuned-up Nailhead looks right at home. Another successful project! With $2500 of FREE money from Gumout for his hot rod pickup, maybe Jim would add a blower? (or maybe he already did!)


This next project’s a total win! This 1959 Chevy Fleetside went from a cool old truck to an attitude filled, frame dragging custom truck thanks to Porterbuilt Street Rods and about 30 volunteers! Here’s what she looked like in the morning:

1959 Chevy Fleetside, chevy trucks, 1959 chevy truck


Then here’s the look about 8 hour later:

chevy trucks, 1959 Chevy Fleetside, air bagged Chevy truck


Yes! That’s the same truck!! The Porterbuilt parts dropped the front and the back and fit perfectly! The secret to this project’s success? Tons of friends and new friends (one guy came down from Alaska to help!), good planning and the right parts. “One and Done” was such a cool project, PCK Studios made a great looking poster. Get it here


So if you’re thinking hot rod, cool cruiser, or restoring your pop’s ride from high school back to original… who couldn’t use a little extra cash? Cruise over to Gumout’s Facebook Page and let’m know what you’ve got left to do on your project for your shot at the cash!


Now let’s all get back into the garage!

Or get distracted by one of the coolest Chevy Truck Projects ever!