4 Speed Times: Hurst Shifter Rebuild How-to Video

Ford Falcon 4-Speed Shifter How-to Video


How-to video of competition-plus-rebuild


Do your choices for how you build your own ride need to make sense? To everyone?


I’m sure there’s more than a few people who’d say I’m nuts for putting a Dagenham 4-speed back into my 1963 Falcon Wagon project.  I hear you.  But, I’ve got my reasons.


The main reason is the fact my Falcon’s a rare (or maybe odd’s a better word) bird.  This long-roofed wonder’s an original, 6 cylinder, bench seat, floor shift, 4 speed car.  I’ve found one other goofy-six-by-four on Fordsix.com but just one! I like that! (have you got one?)


The other big reason (no, friends that know me, it’s not just cause I’m a cheap SOB) involves some great memories and even better, life-long friends.


The Dagenham four speed and shifter that I’m rebuilding here is from my dad’s friend Brad Bradly or “Harry” as his friends know him. This shifter’s from his 1963 “shop truck” Falcon Ranchero that he still owns.  That Ranchero’s been built, raced, totaled, re-built, raced, modified, raced again, totaled again… you get the idea! Now, this car’s running a tri-carbed Offenhauser setup on a 250 sixer.  It’s nicer than it’s ever been and still a cherished ride, even along side his black on black 1963 Falcon V8, bucket seat, 4 speed car. (Brad’s working on sending a picture to include in this story.)


So there won’t be a T5, 5-speed upgrade to my Falcon. Those T5’s would be better in alot of ways, but I just can’t do it.  Furthermore, the discolored and scratch shift-ball and pitted and worn Hurst stick will also be staying. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hurst Competition Plus 4 speed shifter rebuild Video Part 1
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Hurst Competition Plus 4 speed shifter rebuild Video Part 2
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Helpful? Sucked? I’d like to hear either way.  I’m no expert here, but did want to pass on what I learned. Leave a comment with any good info you have too!


Every story I’ve written about this build can be found here: 1963 Ford Falcon Wagon Build

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