April 2010 Freebie Contest for MyRideisMe.com Members

Optima Battery for MyRideisMe.com members

Could it be easier to get free stuff?  She’s practically handing you your new battery!!

This is Arpil’s Freebie Contest:

I want to give you an Optima Battery or Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet. It’s Easy!

For the rest of April, 2010 forward our newsletter to a friend and say:

This is MyRideisMe.com’s newsletter. It’s hot rod and custom car stories & pictures. My Ride is Me gives away free stuff from Optima Batteries and Lincoln Electric so please check out the site and sign up if you like it. (it’s all free!)

Got it??

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Here’s some important details:

  • Make sure to send it to moc.emsiedirymnull@eibeerf (so I can count your entries)
  • For each person you send the newsletter to, you’re entered to win.
    • 1 newsletters sent to 4 friends = 4 entries
    • 2 newsletters sent to 6 friends (even the same friends) = 12 entries
  • When? Until 4/30/10. Forward any newsletter, even last weeks!
  • What do I win? There’ll be 2 winners:
    • One battery of your choice straight from Optima
    • One welding helmet
  • Who? All MyRideisMe.com members. (not a member? Click HERE)
    • If you’ve won something in the past 12 months, you’re excluded. Sorry!

Please spread the word. You’ll be helping us and maybe helping yourself.

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March’s battery Winner, Larry

Before and After. Get your own Optima Battery!