Arroyo High School Car Show: Be True to your School

Story and Photos by Nick Koljian

Today was the 9th Annual Car & Bike show held at Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo,CA. I’ve never been so I thought today would be a nice day to check it out. The sun was shining, a nice breeze blowing and my oldest, Mia, was really jazzed about her first show of the year with pops. So at about 9:00am the crew rolled out in route for San Lorenzo.

Beautiful classic Chevrolet interior convertible shot by Nick at the 9th Annual Arroyo Car and Bike Show

Upon arrival at the High School I noticed that it was being held on the football field which I thought was pretty cool. Slapped down our 5 bucks (which goes to the Arroyo High Boosters Club) and we were in. As a  local show I wasn’t expecting anything huge and I was right. But with that said, it was a comfortable show, maybe 100, 120 rides.

Baby blue winged Plymouth classic.  50's Americana at its finest

There was more hot rods than channeled rusters, there was more paint than primer and there was more post 68′ than pre 52′. But hey, not everyone has the same tastes in rides and that’s what makes the love for cars so great. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (And that’s My Ride is Me!!)

Traditional small block chevy powered Ford roadster at 9th annual Arroyo High Show

As far as the show goes, it was a good show. Local vendors came out to support the cause as well as some rocking tunes from the “Blue Diamond Fillups”. We did the walk and then shot & talked the whole show in under 90 minutes.

Chevy kustom at 9th annual Arroyo High car show

In closing I will say good show….would I do it again next year… eh, why not.

Smooth flat paint "primer rod" kustom cuttin' grass at the Arroyo Car Show

Right before we left the show I think my 10 year old daughter put it the best, “Daddy, there are not a lot of old gray cars here… I’m hungry, can we go?”. Needless to say we were at the Mexican joint in no time. For info on next years show you can always go to the Arroyo Car and Bike Show website.

Editor’s note: Nick’s contributed pictures a few times here at He’s got a great eye for the cars and for the surroundings.  Check out the full Car Show Picture Gallery from Arroyo High School

Till next time, If I don’t see ya on the streets, I’ll see ya at the show.


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