Barn Find Stromberg 97 Carbs

New Stromberg 97 Carb That’s Old Too
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When you’re building a 276 inch flathead to power a 32 Ford XF roadster for the Bonneville Salt Flats… and you’re from the Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop whose specialty is combining the old with new and making it all look period perfect, what else would you run but Stromberg carbs?

Making the new look somewhat older just got alot easier with Stromberg’s new “Barn Find” 97 Carb. It’s a completely new Stromberg 97 with all the updates and design fixes of their signature Stromberg 97, but some aging tricks like a little media blasting and some old fashioned neglect (they leave the cast iron base out in the rain for a spell before painting it) result in a “no two alike” patina that fits great and looks perfect on your hot rod’s flathead.

Stromberg 81, stromberg 97, hot rod carbs

Stromberg 97

The “new” Barn Find Stromberg 97 is on the left with an original Stromberg 81 on the right. Need more patina? Just handle it some more. With the media blasted finish, a little finger oils and a well placed grease smudge and you’re there!

So head on over to Stromberg Carburetors website and let Clive, the bloke running it, know sent ya! Stromberg has a new blog page now, so if you’d like to learn more about the Rollin Bones Bonneville car, head on over: Barn Find Factory Patina and Rollin Bones.

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