Barrett Jackson Auction – 1980’s Reject Camaro

1988 Camaro with terrible custom paintHave you ever gone through your closet to find some clothes that make you say, DAMN!  I never wore that, did I?  I think the same is true for cars, especially custom cars that were built in the 80’s.

At some point, did the designers take a step back and go, “Really?  Is that cool?”  I wonder cause this is an example of just about everything that’s wrong with 80’s custom paint.

The only redeeming quality about this car is the LT5 tucked under the hood.  1988 Camaro from the GM collection with terrible 80's graphicsAs a 1988 Camaro, this is a combo that never was and that’s probably why with this car, like every other car offered by GM, they read a long a boring disclaimer stating that basically that as far as GM is concerned, these cars don’t exist.

So if you can, look past the glowing neon yellow wheels and matching neon yellow seating surface and dig that sliding seal fading to upside down shoe graphics done in, you guessed it, neon yellow and *gulp* purple.  Adios 80’s!

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Look for many more and much less nauseating shots from Barret Jackson.  Feel free to give Swanee a friendly nudge in the next couple days to get working on the hundreds of shots he took.

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