#5 – Best of Viva Las Vegas 14 – Pro Video

2011 Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Car Show Video Recap

My man Josh Clason did it again! I see people walking around with hand held video cameras shooting people, cars, whatever all day long. When will you ever watch it again? Not so for Josh! With his #1 supporter, photographer… also his loving wife Becca, Josh wheels the heavy gear around Viva’s car show to get the best, clean shots. Enjoy.

Josh is an independent that can shoot your hot rod shop, club event or track day with the same professionalism you see here. Get in touch at Joshclason.com.

Need more? Check out Josh’s first video shared with MyRideisMe.com: Bonneville Salt Flats Video The Salt “It Sings”

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2011 Viva Las Vegas Video, viva car show video

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