Big Trouble at Unique Performance

By now, this isn’t breaking news, but I just heard it. I thought I kept up with hot rod and general car news, but I guess not. On top of that, I’m a big fan of Chip Foose. There are several good blogs that are writing about this story. Basically, Unique Performance has been busted and raided. Check it out:

Shelby severing ties with Unique Performance

Round 2: Unique Performance fires back at Shelby

Foose Cuts All Ties With Unique Performance

Unique Performance raided by local police

What a mess! website is DOWN…

I’ll try to update this story as I follow it. I hope Foose’s name is cleared. Everything I’ve seen or read says he’s a solid guy.

The NY Times added this: A Cloud Over Reborn Shelby Mustangs