Billetproof 2009 – 2nd Annual Washington Washout

Mark's 1940 Chevy pickupThe 2nd Annual Billetproof Washington Washout was even more impressive than last year. member Michael Nantz gives us the scoop and pictures of his favorite rides:

“There were spectators hovering around every car. The weather was some of the best you could hope for at any car show and there were some big vendors this year; the guys from SoCal Speed Shop in Sacramento made the trek up to Washington and were busy in their booth all day.

Reverand Dave's 47 Buick Big Block ChevyFor the first day of this 2 day car show there were 650+ cars of all styles. There was the “standard” rat rods (which is a term I can’t stand but will say it anyway) to the traditional rods to some very rare and old customs.
At the show on day 1 the first car I came across was the 1930 Model A from Top Ten Hot Rods which was my favorite car of the show with its 1957 392 Hemi with Enderle fuel injection force fed by matching, twin 1957 McCulloch superchargers modified to run without clutches to feed about 20lbs of boost, EACH… to the 7:1 Hemi. All that runs through a Chrysler 4 speed.  When they fired this car up it brought back memories of being at the Fremont Drag Strip.  See our feature story of this Hot rod from the LA Roadster Show.

Gene Bliss 29 Ford PickupThroughout the rest of the day I took over 700 pictures and spoke with many of the good people at the show. Everyone I spoke to was having a great time and were glad they made it to the show.

Saturday night kicked off the downtown Chehalis Cruise Nigh. What a great turn out with everyone cruising main street. There was also a huge gathering at the Olympic Club which contains a vintage movie theater.
Day 2 of the show was a little bit smaller as this was the first year of the 2 day show. The final count I heard was around 300 cars which is still a great showing.

Jason Kretlon 55 Chevy Pickup

In the end I had a great time at the 2nd annual Billetproof Show in Washington and I highly recommend it to everyone. Next year look for a burnout contest on Sunday in a special area so that all can watch.”
Michael Nantz

This is what is all about.  Readers and members sharing their passion, whether its your own hot rod build project or your experience at a local car show.  Michael gets it!!!  Follow his lead and let us know what you thought of Billetproof in Washington and at your local cruise! Leave a comment of shoot us an email.


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