Bonneville Speed Week 2010 Baddest Race Cars #3

Bonneville Salt Flats Race Car

Fastest Corvette,Bonneville, salt flats, racing

Say hello to the “World’s Fastest Corvette”

Maybe you’re wondering how I make the “Baddest Race Cars” list? Could be any number of things, but a sure formula is SPEED!  Be the fastest in your class, or classes and maybe world’s fastest – You’re a lock! In other words, go out there and set a record.  Add to that a welcoming smile and a generously given chat with up-and-comer and you’re just starting to see why Oklahoma’s Bobby Moore and his Moore Boys Corvette is certainly one of the BADDEST! (Other hot rods from Oklahoma)

Fastest Corvette,Bonneville, salt flats, starting line
With a helping hand from crew member and friend Rudy Heaton Bobby’s patiently waiting inside for a run.

Bobby’s story about how he started racing isn’t that different from others stricken with salt fever!

Racing started at Bonneville in 1996 with a trip to the salt as the driver of the Hoyle-Dickenson-Moore A/FL (that means, “A” class engine, running fuel, lakester style body). That’s all it took… From there, Bobby bought bought the 219 mph Doc Jefferey’s A/GT Corvette. The following year, the Moore Boys Team made several passes to get Bobby the seat time he needed. The salt can be unkind and as Bobby puts it, “We learned many humbling lessons at Bonneville.” Then in 1998, Bobby joined the coveted 200mph Club with a record of 234.162 in A/GMS (That’s A-size motor running racing gas in the Modified Sport class). While setting the record, in and out of tech inspection, Bobby met Lee Kennedy (the “Car Technical Co-chair” for SCTA) who since has proven tobe an invaluable help for both speed and safety.

Fastest Corvette,Bonneville, salt flats, records
The AA/FMS record was bumped to 264.096 from what’s shown here in 2010

In joining the “two club” Bobby stood between Andy Green (of Thrust SSC fame and currently the only supersonic record holder) and friend and land speed racing guru Lee Kennedy. “I thought that I was standing in a hole with those two giants on either side.”

Since then, Bobby and the Moore Boys team has set many records with their Reher-Morrison powered Corvette. Their crowning event was the 268+ mph record in AA/GT which makes this ‘The World’s Fastest Corvette’. (The GT class is “Grand Touring” as you’d expect and is reserved for production style cars).  After setting the big record, efforts have been concentrated on the A/BFS while good ole #344 Corvette was in the National Corvette Museum for two years. This corvette still holds five current records and it’s been updated for the 2011 Speed Week blast.

Fastest Corvette,Bonneville, salt flats, interior

In true “My Ride is Me” fashion, I asked, Why the Corvette?
“I have always owned stock Corvettes and enjoyed their aerodynamic shape. Don Vesco told me early on “it is important how you enter the air; but much more important how you leave it”. The Corvette has a low coefficient of drag and is kind of a “true American Classic” so I took his advice.”

Fastest Corvette,Bonneville, salt flats, start up, fuel injection
Harold Tuttle priming the Reher Morrison bullet just before  200mph+ run.

I asked Bobby about the folks helping in these pictures and he said, “We all have “duties” before, during, and after each run. These volunteers and several others have been with me for many years and really make it a bucket of fun to run at Bonneville.” It shows in the smiles, but make no mistake… everyone’s serious when it comes to running this quick.

So now you’ve seen the “Worlds Fastest Corvette”. What’s your pick for baddest race car at Bonneville Speed Week 2010? Agree with me? I’d sure like to know.

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